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Date: 2013-01-24

Feeding a cat is quite simple. As cats are obligate or true carnivores, they need a source of animal protein (i.e. meat) to survive.

Firstly, talk to your vet for advice on feeding your cat. Whilst it may seem a little strange, certain cats digest certain foods better than others - your vet should be able to lead you in the right direction of what to feed your cat.


General nutrition
As a general rule, however, feed your cat a high quality, balanced, premium commercial food appropriate for it's age. Make sure it complies with the Australian Standard of Manufacturing and Marketing Pet Food act. Some natural foods, such as pieces of raw lamb or chicken, may provide some variety.

Which type of meat?
It is important to note, that some pet meats or mince may contain preservatives which are detrimental to the cats health. Many sausages and sausage-type meats (such as salamis) contain sulphites which can induce a thiamine deficiency. These foods should be avoided at all costs, as a thiamine deficiency can often be fatal.

As a treat, your cat may like to play with raw meaty bones - these should only be offered every few days, however. It is also very important that these bones are not cooked. Cooked bones may splinter and cause damage to the cats mouth or internal organs. Always supervise your cat when giving it bones, as even uncooked bones damage their teeth.

Lastly, as with dogs and other pets - make sure your cats food bowls are clean at all times. In the same way that humans do not like to eat from a dirty plate, nor do cats. Keep their water bowl filled at all times, and clean their food bowl after they have finished eating. Unlike dogs, cats (especially older cats) tend to prefer to eat several meals through the day - this may mean sometimes leaving their food available to them when they please.

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