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Date: 2013-01-24

Feeding your dog may seem like a simple task - which it is - however, there are some things to look out for which can have a significant effect on your dogs health and behaviour.

Before anything else, consult your local vet first. A vet can tell you a lot, namely what types of food to feed your dog, how often to feed your dog, and how much to feed your dog.

That said, there is a lot more that goes into feeding your dog. Keeping your dogs food and water bowls clean is vital to your dogs health. Change your dogs water regularly and keep it filled, and clean their food bowl on a daily basis. An unclean bowl can lead to algae in the warmer months, which can lead to unseen parasites living in the water or even the food. Another risk of an unclean bowl, is that your dog may simply refuse to eat and drink.

If your dog does not finish it's food (say after 20 minutes or so), simply take the bowl away and empty it. This will train your dog to eat when food is offered to them, and that they can not have any more food until next time (so they will eat all of their food). If this routine is kept, your dog will understand the concept of mealtimes and look to you at the time of feeding. Feeding your dog at the same time every day isn't vital, but having a rough time (i.e. between 6-9pm) is a good idea.

Preventing your dog from “begging”
One tactic which some dog trainers (and even just regular dog owners) use is to eat their food before their dog is allowed to eat. This will teach your dog not to beg, and will teach them who the leader is (since leaders get to do everything first).

Overall, feeding your dog is a simple task. Consult your vet first, keep their bowl clean, and regularly change their water.

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