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How to buy a pet

In today’s world, we are able to do virtually anything on the internet. Whether it be looking for a nice restaurant to go to, finding a new job, or even buying a new pet - all of these things are made easier in the digital age of today. With that in mind, the online world brings many pitfalls to buying a pet, and it is very important that you are aware of said pitfalls before committing to a purchase.
Here at Your Pet Network, we do our very best to ensure that all classified ads are legitimate and that no pets are being sold through a puppy mill. That being said, it is still very important to be mindful of the potential pitfalls, and to know how to avoid them.

Avoiding Puppy Mills
One of the most common mistakes of buying a pet online, is to buy from a so-called puppy mill. Unlike a pet breeder, a puppy mill operates for profit. They do not care for the pets in the same way a breeder would, and as a result the pets are of lesser quality. Here, the quality of a pet is basically referring to it's behaviour, how it has been brought up, and it's physical condition.
One of the simplest ways to tell a pet breeder from a puppy mill is to get their association number. Every legitimate breeder will be part of a breed association - if they are not, they are more than likely a puppy mill and operate primarily for profit, rather than quality. Once you have obtained the association number (the easiest way to obtain this is by asking the breeder directly), make sure to check their legitimacy and reputation with the affiliated breed association.

Health Certificates
Another simple way to check the legitimacy of a pet breeder when buying a pet online, is to ask for health certificates. Most pure bred animals should come with a health certificate, which explains any hereditary diseases the parents may have had, and any health conditions the puppy may have been exposed to. An illegitimate pet breeder may often promise such documentation, but never follow through. It is essential to obtain this documentation, especially in case of emergencies or health problems later on.

Pet Rescue Organisations
Pet rescue organizations are also a great option when buying a pet online. Not only can you be sure that these organizations are not operating for profit - but if you have any doubts about the pet you can simply visit their physical location. Being able to see where the pet was raised and kept is a great indicator of it's well being and health.
Lastly, there is no such thing as asking too many questions. If you are ever unsure about anything - whether it be the age of the pet, the health, where it was raised or kept, simply ask the seller.

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